The LaundryMutt Family
The LaundryMutt Family

**Jackson Clients ONLY!!!!!Please fill out and bring to your first appointment along with a copy of current shot records. Thanks


             Groom/Bath Client Information 


OWNER Last Name:____________ First Name: ________________________

Spouse/Partner: _______________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

City_______________________State:______ Zip________ Email___________________________________________________
Phone#1 __________________ Phone #2________________ 



Name _________________________________
Breed: ___________________________ Gender: Male Female

Color: ____________ How old??? ____________


Breed: ___________________________ Gender: Male Female

Color: ____________ How old??? ____________



Name: ________________________ Relationship: ________________________ Phone #1 ( ___)___________

Phone 2 # (____)___________
Persons Authorized to Drop off and/or Pick-Up my dog(s): ________________________


Clinic Name: ________________________

Clinic Phone # ( ___)_________________

How did you hear about The LaundryMutt Family?:

Google Yahoo! YELP Existing Client Other: _______________
As the owner of the above- referenced dog(s), I have read and agree to the following grooming liability agreement:

(Print) Owner's Name: ________________________________
(Signature) Owner's Name: _________________________

Date: __________ 


***This contract will remain on file and will apply for all grooming needs at any time. I hereby agree to the foregoing as owner of the pet. 

     New Client Grooming Contract

Dog’s Name:____________________   Client’s Last Name:  _________________________

1) The LaundryMutt Too, L.L.C. has agreed to groom my pet and I have provided detailed instructions.           Groom fees are based upon the visual coat and skin condition, breed and size of my pet. Additional             fees will apply for extra thick coats, large breed dogs, behavioral issues and hand scissoring when               leaving more than 1” of hair.

2) As the owner, I acknowledge that the animal is in good health, has no apparent communicable diseases or parasites and I have provided the most current vaccination record. I understand The LaundryMutt Too, L.L.C., its employees, officers, directors, and caregivers will exercise due care to protect the health and safety of my dog while in their care. I do not hold them liable for any communicable diseases my pet may acquire.

3)  The price quoted includes a cleansing shampoo, coat conditioning treatment, grooming, nail dremmeling, anal gland expression, sanitary trim, and ear cleaning. Deducting one or more services does not change the price of the groom. Additional fees will apply for specialty shampoo, conditioner, teeth brushing, and bows.  If fleas or ticks are found on my pet, this is notification that flea and tick shampoo will be used and I will be charged accordingly.

4) Plucking Ear Hair:  This service is included in the “Full Service” groom for all breeds that grow excessive hair. The LaundryMutt is not responsible for any irritation or ear infection that develops following the removal of ear hair. Clients need to monitor their dog’s ears following treatment.

5) Hair Matting:  The groomer will advise of the severity and whether the dog can be brushed out humanely. If this is an option, an additional fee of $15 per 15 min will be added to my grooming fee. If the matting is too severe and not recommended, the groomer will acquire verbal authorization prior to the dog getting on the groom table to shave down my pet’s coat completely with clippers. Heavily pelted coats, requiring shave down, will have an added fee based on the weight of the dog.   We are not responsible for agitated skin due to hair matting, “pink skin” due to sensitivity, welts, or clipper abrasions as a result of having to shave the hair down to the skin leaving 1/8” or less.

6) General grooming risks- Extra care will be taken when preforming any grooming procedures, however, owner must understand possible reactions such as stress, skin irritation, possible nicks to the skin, or a toe nail quicked may occur. Additionally, problems occasionally arise after the grooming visit such as bleeding of nicks, clipper irritation, mental or physical stress. Grooming can also expose a hidden medical problem or aggravate a current one. Owner agrees not to hold The LaundryMutt L.L.C .responsible for any injuries, which might result from this grooming process.

7) Re- grooms: Should I be unhappy with the grooming for any reason, I will contact the facility within twenty four hours (24 hrs) to address any issues. We will re-groom your pet within three (3) business days from the date of the original visit. Re-grooms will be performed by the same groomer only.  No refunds will be offered for grooming services. Should I fail to advise of any grooming concerns or problems within the above timeframe, The LaundryMutt L.L.C. will not offer a re-groom or any medical care compensation should that have been necessary under any circumstances. All re-grooms will be for grooming only and bathing is not included. Any bath services will be at the basic bath rate by weight.

8) Injuries: Our experienced, professional groomers use extreme care to groom all dogs in a safe, humane and professional manner. There is a chance that your dog can sustain an injury while on the table which includes but is not limited to: a nick, cut, mark, razor burn from the scissors or clippers or brush burn. (Clean face and clean feet can cause irritation until the dogs skin becomes accustomed to this short cut. The client is responsible for any irritation that occurs.) In some instances humanely restraining your dog in order to perform a particular service may be required. I understand that a $25 Special Handling fee will be charged for dogs that deliberately try to bite the groomer or are unmanageable without the restraint. Should my pet(s) not be able to be bathed or groomed even with a restraint I will be called to collect my (pet) s and I will only be accountable to pay fees for services performed. The LaundryMutt L.L.C. reserves the right to refuse to groom an animal if they cannot be humanely restrained, are too aggressive and or risk causing an injury to themselves or our groomers.It is is our right to decline further services.  Should any injuries be found on my pet after pickup, I will contact the facility within twenty four hours.                                          

9) Aging and Special Needs Pets: Owner is aware that as a pet ages or if the pet has special medical conditions, the process of grooming may become stressful, both physically and mentally. The stress of grooming may cause latent, unknown, active or inactive conditions such as arthritis, bone, joint or surgical sites to become active or inflamed, and unknown active or inactive heart, kidney, or liver disorders to become active and can result in illness, seizures, or the death of the pet. AlthoughThe LaundryMutt L.L.C. will take responsible care in the grooming of the pet, owner acknowledges that the stress of grooming may initiate immediate or latent medical problems in your pet. Owner agrees not to hold The LaundryMutt L.L.C. responsible for reactions to grooming.

10) For the safety of the pets being groomed, as well as the professional pet Groomer, it is asked that you do not interrupt the Groomer during grooming. If you arrive to pick up your pet and it is still being groomed, please DO NOT talk to your pet or allow him/her to see you. Please step outside for a few moments until the groom is completed. Every effort will be made to ensure your pet is groomed as safely as possible, but an excited pet can be dangerous to continue to work on. If you insist on talking to your pet or the Groomer, we reserve the right to end the grooming session, even if the groom is not completed and the full grooming price will be charged.

11) Cancellation & No Show Policy: If you are a first time Client and you are a no show for your scheduled appointment, The LaundryMutt will not schedule any future appointments. If I am a current client,  I understand and agree that if I fail to show up for my scheduled appointment I cannot make another appointment until the full cost of the missed appointment has been recovered. If I cancel with less than 24 hours notice I will be charged for 1/2 the grooming/bath price. If cancellation occurs before 24 hours NO FEE WILL BE CHARGED!!!

12) Double Coat Shave Down Acknowledgement & Agreement: I understand and agree that I am leaving my double-coated dog with The LaundryMutt Too L.L.C. to be shaved. I have also been informed of the following: • We cannot guarantee that the dog's coat will grow back after shaving • Depending on how close the coat is clipped, your dog might require sunscreen to protect the dog's skin from being burned. • Shaving may cause irritation and/or rash. • Shaving the coat does not necessarily make the dog feel cooler, as the double coat acts as insulation in warm and cool weather. • Shaving does not reduce shedding; it only makes the shedding coat shorter. • Clipping down a double-coated dog can look uneven or choppy depending on your dog's coat type and the length requested. Our groomers will do their best to make the haircut look the best possible.

13) Being that we are a cage free facility, and even though we are highly aware of the animals left in our care...incidents happen, RARELY, but they do happen. If your dog has ever showed signs or had previous incidents involving attacking another dog, PLEASE LET US KNOW.  Most cases we are able to accommodate. If an animal is injured and it is found to have involved an aggression issue, you will be responsible for any and ALL vet bills that your furry child caused to someone else’s furry child. We strive on having a safe, friendly and calm environment.

14) Payment is due at the time services are rendered and I acknowledge that my dog(s) will not be released to me until all charges are paid in full.  Should my dog not be picked up by the end of business day, and/or one hour after the last dog has gone home, my dog will be boarded at the basic kennel rate of $60 per night.


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