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The Morbee’s


Here are some helpful tips and tricks for taking care of your furry children during this stay in place order. We hope they help! Stay safe, stay well, and we hope to see you all real soon! ♥️


To Our Pet Parents

We have put together some tips to help maintain the grooming needs during the Covid-19 crisis. Many groomers, depending where you live are closed, so we hope you find this helpful. Please feel free to share this with your family and friends so they can use these tips for their furry kids.




For dogs or cats that normally get a hair cut long or short like i.e cockapoo, doodle ,poodle, etc 


Brush AND Comb all over this includes body, belly, head, face, legs, inside of legs and yes we groomers understand easier said than done?. Make sure to remove any collars or harnesses your pets may be wearing. If at all possible, remove your dog’s harness while indoors. These tend to cause extensive matting when left on for long periods. Any types of sweaters and coats do the same.

Please, do not try to brush or comb out any severe matting, as it may hurt or injure your pup. But, if your dog gets to the point of being matted and has to go short when we see him/her, I assure you it will grow back. 


Double coated dog: 


Let’s see... do you have a collie, sheltie, husky, German Shepard? Does the hair go flying around like little tumbleweeds during the seasonal change? Are you convinced you could make a whole other dog out of your dogs fur? Well then here are our tips for you! Brush brush brush! Especially during this spring seasonal change! Your dogs coat is going to be naturally shedding its winter fur for a lighter less dense undercoat. Now would be the time to start brushing and raking daily! It’ll help pull out that loose undercoat, and ease those tumbleweeds! And if you have a golden, or a longer haired double coat breed, you get to brush, rake and comb! In that order as well. And always remember to remove any collars or harness’ when brushing. It’s important to get all the areas. 

Even if you can’t get all the knots out, it will certainly help maintain until your groomer can re-open. 


Ear Cleaning:


Your dogs ears may be floppy or stand straight up. Either way, all dogs can benefit from a good old fashioned ear cleaning. Dogs whose ears stand straight up tend to have less infection than those whose ears flop down. Floppy ears don’t have a lot of airflow, so it’s good to keep it nice and clean in there. We recommend wiping out your pets ears once a week. 




It’s springtime and with spring brings the rain. Rain brings mud. And what do you do when you have time on your hands? Walk your pup! Your pup may get muddy, and we suggest taking a damp washcloth and wiping down your dogs feet, and any areas such as the belly, tail or chest. Now sometimes our dogs get very very dirty and we are faced with giving them a bath. 


We don’t recommend bathing most dogs at home. Due to the issues it can cause later on. Such as matting, and skin conditions due to not being rinsed or dried thoroughly. But, if you must, we recommend brushing and combing your dog all the way down to the skin, before the bath, after the bath and once your dog is dry. When bathing please be careful around the eyes and ears. YOUR DOG NEEDS TO BE COMPLETELY DRY...please don’t just towel off and think your done...YOU’RE NOT!!! 


Kin and Kind is one of our favorite can purchase this at Noah’s Ark in Winnetka. 


Your pup may also need a sanitary area wipe down, everyday. If not more than once. Just use a damp wash cloth or baby wipe for those sensitive areas. Some of our dogs have a tendency to get poop stuck to their butts. It’s a wonderful fact of owning a dog! But, if you commit to wiping down the butt and the privates before any accumulation, your dog will thank you! 


Eye Crusties: 


Eye crusties, eye boogers and everything in between. Eye boogers can be prevented easily by wiping out the eyes with a warm washcloth, paper towel or cotton ball. If there seems to be a lot, or they are hard, soften them up with water. You can than gently pick out any eye boogers you find. Just remember not to pull, or dig deep! Eyes can be sensitive and you wouldn’t want to damage the skin around the eyes. 


As groomers, we know this can be gross, but, with daily maintenance, there will be hardly any build up at all. 


Things Not To Do: 


* Do not pull on any mats while brushing and combing. It can hurt your pet and possibly tear the skin. 

* Be especially careful combing out around the eyes, ears and armpits. As the skin there can be thinner and therefore more prone to rips and tears. 

* Do not try to cut mats out! Even as groomers, it can be difficult to see where the mat begins and ends. It’s very easy to cut a dogs skin this way. 

* If your dog is matted, please do not attempt to bathe them. It will only make the matting tighter to the skin when it dries. Which can become extremely painful for your dog. 


As always, please be careful when starting out grooming your pups. Gentle praise, lots of love and treats go a loooong way! If you have any questions we are happy to help! Be safe, be well, and we will get through this together! We hope to see you soon! ♥️

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