The LaundryMutt Family
The LaundryMutt Family


Do you wake up one day and say I’m going to become a plumber and have never been to school or apprenticed under anyone?

Do you wake up one day and say I’m going to become an electrician and have never been to school or apprenticed under anyone?

Do you wake up one day and say I’m going to become a lawyer and have never been to law school and open a firm?

Do you wake up one day and say I’m going to become a doctor and have never been to medical school and open a clinic?

The answer to all of the above is ABSOLUTELY NOT!! So why..WHY DO PEOPLE THINK FOR ONE SECOND THEY CAN BECOME A DOG GROOMER WITHOUT FORMAL TRAINING and open a shop and call themselves a groomer!! It’s infuriating to those of us that have done this for years and years. I’ll tell why they do it….THE MONEY. They thinks it’s easy money…WELL ITS NOT…the right equipment is needed. The right products. The right safety equipment and knowledge need to be in place and you need the right techniques and skill takes TIME AND MONEY!!!


Please ask questions when going to a groomer. The first one being how did you learn how to groom?? Did you go to school or did you apprentice under anyone?? It’s not about HOW LONG..I’ve met amazing groomers who worked as apprentices for 6 months and we’re awesome!!! I’ve also met people who did a book course over the internet and had terrible scissor technique and safety protocols…SCARY!!


Wake up people, these are family members BE CAREFUL WHO YOU ALLOW TO GROOM THEM!!! Yes, more experienced groomers are more money. But it’s worth it in the long run…do you want the medical student who just graduated or the cardiologist who has been doing the procedure for years??? ASK QUESTIONS!!! The safety of your furry kid depends on it!!

"Where our Wash is Always on Delicate!"

The LaundryMutt is your premier neighborhood cage-free pet salon in Wilmette, Illinois. The LaundryMutt Jackson Mobile Grooming is your luxury mobile grooming choice in the Jackson Hole, Wyoming area.  We specialize in dog and cat grooming, and offer the finest products to pamper your pup or kitty. Each pet receives undivided attention and lots of tender loving care. Whether you want just a bath or full out glam session, your pet can get it all here. Our specialty is to cater to dog and cat owners who believe their pets deserve the best! So bring your pet and check out the hottest pet spot in your neighborhood!

Spoiling Your Four Legged Family Member is What We Do.

The LaundryMutt family understands the unique relationship between you and your pet. We treat our own pets like royalty and will roll out the red carpet for yours, too. Your beloved companion will receive the best possible care during their stay.  We strive to make the grooming experience a pleasant one.  We treat your pet the way we would want ours to be treated so rest assured, they’re in good hands.

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