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The LaundryMutt Family

It's so much more than at the shop???? (Mobile is ONLY available to Jackson Hole Clients)

Mobile dog grooming is not your traditional brick and mortar dog grooming salon. Typically, dog owners are shocked when they inquire about mobile grooming and hear the starting prices. Mobile groomers understand that the pricing is not suitable for every one. In theory, both types of salons provide the same service which is to get your dogs groomed, but why is the price so vastly high and different? Brick and mortar and mobile grooming businesses function differently in regards to scheduling, pricing, and convenience.  


1. Convenience 

The number one reason is the convenience factor. Think of mobile groomers as a “DoorDash” or  Take Out service. Though we aren’t a food delivery service, we are similar in regards to driving our truck to your home bringing our entire salon right to your door step. Mobile groomers have all the tools and necessities (i.e. water, electricity, power) to get your dog groomed. All we need from the pet owners is the dog.

2. One-on-One

Mobile groomers take their time with each individual dog that is on their grooming table. Mobile groomers will work with your dog’s comfort, health issues, and level of speed. Some dogs may need more assistance and reassurance, which is absolutely ok. Mobile groomers will aid, train, and work with your dog creating a positive space and grooming experience from beginning to end. We understand that not all dogs enjoy the grooming process, but we hope to build the trust and rapport with your pup overtime.

3. Customize an All-Inclusive Grooming Package With Premium Products

Most mobile groomers have an all-inclusive grooming package which means that any of the following treatments that we have are included in your dog’s groom should we feel it is beneficial to them! This includes a facial, ears, nails, teeth brushing, sanitary trim, nose and paw moisturizer treatment, and/if a de-shedding treatment or haircut is needed. Because groomers are first line of defense and we see your dog’s more often than the vet, we can notice the subtle differences and changes in your dog’s health overtime. 

4. Supporting Your Local Business As Well As Your Favorite Groomer 

Small businesses are so much more than what they sell, they are the hearts and foundation of our communities, and mobile dog grooming is no different. Not only will you get to personally know the owners of the business, but build personal connections and relations with each other. Dog owners may not think much when it comes to dog grooming and dog groomers, but we do so much more than just giving your dog a bath and a haircut. Most groomers will invest their time to improve their skills and continue their grooming career and education with books, workshops, seminars, and trade expos where we purchase the best dog grooming products out on the market for your pups. We take the time to invest in quality over quantity. 

Overall, mobile grooming offers so many advantages to you and your dog, but it does cost more than getting your dog groomed in a traditional grooming salon and perhaps your own hair. Our services involves experienced professionals who provide personalized attention, gentle techniques, and loving care with quality products. We can only work on one dog at a time and service a limited number of dogs each day. Mobile grooming is not a high-volume business, but rather it is a premium service designed to reduce anxiety and stress of grooming on your dog and to be a convenience and time-saver for you. Mobile grooming is not for everyone; only the customer can decide if the care, quality, and attention are worth the price for their dog.  So, why not try mobile dog grooming and see for yourself? 

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