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The LaundryMutt Family

      De-Skunking Recipe

Please DO NOT PREWASH YOUR DOG with shampoo. We firmly believe it "sets" the skunk smell. So on your DRY dog put this mixture on.


De-skunking Solution:
1 quart of Hydrogen Peroxide
1 Box of Baking Soda (not powder!)
4 tablespoons of liquid dishwashing soap (Blue Dawn is my favorite-it is a degreaser and being that they use it for the oil spills on birds-I think we’re safe)

Put the WHOLE box of Baking Soda in a bowl. Add just enough Hydrogen Peroxide so that it has a “toothpaste consistency. Add the dish soap in and stir. You DO NOT want it runny. It needs to be thick so that it isn’t running in your pets eyes.
99% of skunk hits are to the head. So carefully place the mixture about the head and chest. Get the mixture deep into their hair, all the way down to the skin. Make sure to really saturate the effected areas. Keep solution out of eyes and have plain water ready just in case it does get in there. Let it sit on your dog for about 20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water holding your dogs head back so that the mixture won’t run into their eyes. *Repeat*


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